I'm a Graphic/Web Designer, and Wedding/Portrait/Commercial Photographer.
For the past 10 years New Zealand has been my home, and I am officially a kiwi now - but I am originally from Constitución, a beach town in central Chile. 
I have over 8 years' experience in the graphic/web design industry, in which time I've worked as both as a freelancer and for other great companies too (T leaf T, Web Spring and Fusion Print, and Alma Grafica - in Chile). 
Meeting really awesome people along the way, and giving my clients a product that they love - and a product will help them to grow - are key elements that keep me inspired to keep creating new and exciting works.
With regards to qualifications 
- I have a Degree in Professional Graphic Design from INACAP (the National Institute of Professional Training - now renamed the Technological University of Chile), and
-have completed two short courses in HTML & CSS (Introduction Course; Beyond the Basics) - through Natcoll.
I do web design, branding, typography, traditional graphic design and photography and am passionate about it all! I invite you to look through my portfolio and ask any questions you like - happy to chat.


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